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Chapter 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Martha Mc Kay

SUICIDE: Males commit suicide more than females probably because the methods they use get the job done, but women attempt it more Problem among people of Aboriginal descent Immigrants in Canada commit suicide less than native-born Canadians Older youth commit more suicide Types: Death Seekers- who prepare to end their life, writing about it, buying a gun Death Initiators- think they are just hastening an inevitable death Death Ignorers- think their death is the beginning to a new life Death Darers- try to seek attention through their death and make others feel guilty Parasuicide- Intentional but non-fatal self-injury Understanding causes of suicide hampered by: 1. selective reporting by family members; 2. most who contemplate do not commit; 3. its relative rarity presents a challenge for scientific study One in four persons committing suicide leaves a note; notes can help us understand, but in a limited way, and must be interpreted with caution In Canada, the McGill Group for Suicide Studies is moving our knowledge forward Social Perspectives Economic hardship - People who are chronically impoverished or who have recently lost a job are at increased risk. Loss and abuse - People who have experienced a loss or abuse in the distant or recent past are at increased risk. Serious
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