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Chapter 14, 16

PSY240H1 Chapter 14, 16: Week 10 Reading Notes

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Christine Burton

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Three levels of severity: Level 1 (requiting support), Level 2 (requiring substantial support), Level 3 (requiring very substantial support). These ratings are qualitative, NOT quantitative. Impairment in Social Communication/Interaction The problem of social reciprocity in ASD people has to do with the fact that they cannot engage in joint attention (ex. seeing a toy you like, and then smile and look at your mom) Our current view on the social deficits of people with ASD is that they lack a theory of mind (the ability to appreciate that others have a point of reference that differs from their own) People with less severe forms of ASD make have prosody (lack facial expressions or tone of voice) Statistics 1 in 50 4x more in males Wide range of IQ (38% have IQ less than 70), higher the IQ the better the prognosis Etiology (no single cause) Genetics: There is a genetic component. Exact genes are not well known but one possibility is the gene responsible f
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