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Chapter 7

PSY240H1 Chapter 7: Week 5 Reading Notes

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Christine Burton

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (newly added to DSM 5) This is best considered a mood disorder as opposed to a physical disorder (such as an endocrine disorder). It was created because it has been identified that a small subset of women suffers extreme emotional reactions during the premenstrual period (more than the usual PMS). It is controversial because there are concerns that women who were experiencing a very normal part of their menstrual cycle was going to be stigmatized. Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (newly added to DSM 5) Many kids were being misdiagnosed with bipolar disorders and so this has been created. Bipolar Disorders and Creativity Many composers, artists, and writers (whether suspected of mood disorders or not) speak of periods of inspiration when thought processes quicken, moods lift, and new associations are generated (i.e. they all of a sudden get more creative when feeling in a state of manic – but the manic may or may not be an episode). Recent studies confirm that creativity is specifically associated with manic episodes and not depressive states. It is possible that genetic vulnerability to mood disorders is independently accompanied by a predisposition to creativity (i.e. the genetic patterns associated with BP may also car
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