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Ch10 Textbook Notes

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CHAPTER 10 SUICIDE suicide rate for Canadians measured by WHO is 13 per 100 000 per yearsince 1992 there have been more deaths in Canada due to suicide than road fatalitiesit accounts for 24 of all deaths among 1524 year olds second leading cause of death for ages 1024it is among the three leading causes of death worldwide among people 1544huge impact on surviving family and friendsguilt shame negative stigma angerDefining and Measuring Suicide suicide is a deliberate act of selfharm taken with the expectation that it will be fatalsuicidelike behaviours fall on a continuumTypes of Suicidefour types of people who commit suicidedeath seekers clearly and explicitly seek to end their livesintentions may be present for a long period of time may prepare will buying gun etc or are fleeting if prevented become ambivalentdeath initiators have a clear intention to die but believe they are hastening an inevitable deatheg people with serious illnessesdeath ignorers intend to end their lives but dont believe it means the end of their existencesee their death as the beginning of a new better lifeeg mass suicides by members of religious groups suicide bombersdeath darers are ambivalent about dying take actions greatly increasing their chances of death but that dont guarantee they will diemay want attention or make someone else feel guilty more than they want to diesubintentional deaths result from acts in which people indirectly contribute to their own death perhaps unconsciouslySuicide Ratesdifficult to obtain accurate suicide ratesstigma against suicide is an incentive for labeling a death as anything but suicidedeaths can be ambiguous local officials may label them as accidents so family members wont have to face questions etcstatistics in various groups may be gross underestimates Gender Differencesthree times more women than men attempt suicidemen are four times more likely than women to complete suicidedifferences are true in many nations and across all age ranges
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