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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Suicide DEFINING AND MEASURING SUICIDESuicidedeliberate act of selfharm taken with the expectation that it will be fatal Types of SuicideDeath seekersclearly want to end their lives intention may be present for a long period of time prepare by giving away possessions writing a will etcmost often their intentions are fleeting and if they dont commit suicide they may become ambivalent about their desire to die Death initiatorsclear intention to die but believe theyre simply hastening an inevitable death includes many with a serious illness ex people with AIDS before meds came out Death ignorersintend to end life but dont believe this means the end of their existence see death as a beginning of a new and better life ex mass suicide by members of religious groups and suicide bombers who believe theyll receive tremendous rewards from God for their actsDeath darersambivalent about dying and take actions that greatly increase chances of death but dont guarantee death ex swallow handful of pills and then call a friendthey may want attention or to make someone else feel guilty more than they want to die Subintentional deathsacts in which people indirectly contribute to their own death ex a heart patient who continues to smoke cigarettes Suicide RatesIn Canada leading cause of death for men 25 to 29 and 40 to 44 is suicide and second leading cause for Canadians bw ages 10 and 24as many as 3 of the population contemplate suicide at sometimes in their lives 516 report having suicidal thoughts at sometimeGender Differences 3 times more women than men attempt suicide but men are 4 times more likely to complete suicide than womendifference true in many nations and across all age ranges Males may use irreversible methods where theres less opportunity to prevent death ex gun hanging whereas women may use drugs etc that leaves better chance of preventing deathGuns and alcohol play a role in suicidesalcohol lowers inhibitions and increases impulsive behaviour and guns provide a means for carrying out suicidal thoughts Ethnic and CrossCultural Differences In Canada immigrants much less likely than nativeborn Canadians to commit suicideSuicide among Aboriginals is a serious problemrate 3 times that of the general Canadian popHigher rates in much of Europe and former Soviet Union and Australia and lower rates in Latin America and South Americarates in US Canada and England fall bw these two extremes
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