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Chapter 4


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Mandy Wintink

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[PSY 260] TBK: Chapter 4 (Classical Conditioning) 1 4.2 B RAIN S UBSTRATES 1.1 MAMMALIAN CONDITIONING OFMOTOR R EFLEXES - Thompson realized that by removing / lesioning the cerebellum, rabbits no longer showed classical condition of new and old learning Adapted from the diagram in Gluck, Mercado + Myers textbook - 2 places where both CS & US converge o Purkinje cells o Interpositus Nucleus 1.2 E LECTROPHYSIOLOGICAL RECORDING IN THE C EREBELLUM - Interpositus nucleus firing matches eyeblink behaviour o Presence of eyeblink = neuron firing - Purkinje cells are always firing (at random) but well-trained animals have periods where they aren’t firing o Corresponds with AIRPUFF US o Because Purkinje INHIBIT interpositus nucleus 1.3 B RAIN S TIMULATION AS A S UBSTITUTE FOR BEHAVIOURAL TRAINING . - If you stimulate the inferior olive (associated with airpuff US) paired with pontine nuclei (specific to a tone CS) o You can actually elicit classical conditioning behaviour where the UR/ CR (eyeblink) is exactly like a trained rabbit. 1.4 I MPAIRED C ONDITIONING FOLLOWING C EREBELLAR DAMAGE - Interpositus: formation & executing response o You remove it, you remove all classical conditioning ability - Cerebellar cortex: response timing o Severely impairs but does not eliminate eyeblink conditioning  Usually just poorly timed o If the deep nuclei is spared then there can be some conditioning - Lateralization o Left cerebellum  left eye (eyeblink conditioning) - Patients: genetic degeneration of: o Deep nuclei: cannot acquire CRs o Purkinje cells: mixed results 1.5 E RROR CORRECTION THROUGH INHIBITORY FEEDBACK - Once trained: CR @ interpositus nucleus  inhibits  inferior olive from sending US info to the Purkinje cells. o Activity in inferior olive = actual US minus (due to IN inhibition) – expected US  Expected US = interpositus activity that control CR output  Like in the Rescorla-Wagner model o INFERIOR OLIVE = prediction error  Activity should diminish in each successive trial - Experiment: o Trained rabbits: eyeblink responses to tone CS o Injected drug into interpositus to BLOCK inhibitory connection bn interpositus + inferior olive o Therefore
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