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Chapter 3

Ch3 Textbook Notes

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Christine Burton

CHAPTER 3 PERCEPTIONPg6377 The Nature of Perceptionperception experiences resulting from stimulation of the sensesPerception Starts at the Receptors BottomUp ProcessingBottomUp Processing Physiologicalwhen you look at an object neurons in the visual cortex that respond to specific orientations fire to features of the objectBottomUp Processing BehaviouralIrving Biederman proposed recognitionbycomponents RBCwe perceive objects by perceiving elementary features called geonsgeons are perceptual blocks that can be combined to create objectswe can recognize an object even if we are able to perceive just a few of its geonsprinciple of componential recoverywe can perceive objects even if portions of the geons are obscured if we can recover see an objects geons we can identify the objectBeyond BottomUp Processing Perception Depends on Additional Information topdown processing processing that begins with a persons prior knowledge or expectationsthe multiple personalities of a blobthe blob is perceived as different objects depending on its orientation and the context within which it is seenwe perceive it as different objects because of our knowledge of the kinds of objects that are likely to be found in different types of scenesother signals in addition to those generated by the objects features are also involvedsome provide information about other parts of the sceneothers which are associated with a persons knowledge and expectations are transmitted down from higher levels in the brainfeedback signals travel down from higher centres to influence incoming signalsperception of an object is based onsignals representing the object plus signals representing other aspects of the environmentfeedback signals representing prior knowledge or expectationsUsing Knowledge TopDown Processing
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