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Chapter 4

Ch4 Textbook Notes

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Christine Burton

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CHAPTER 4 ATTENTION attention the ability to focus on specific stimuli or locationsselective attention the focusing of attention on one specific location object or messageovert attention the process of shifting attention from one place to another by moving the eyescovert attention attention is shifted without moving the eyesdivided attention attending to two or more things at oncecan be overt covert or a combination of the twoSelective Attention highlights what is being attendedkeeps us from perceiving whatever isnt being attendedsome nonattended information is sometimes perceived Selective Attention as Filtering keeping some information out letting some in for further processingColin Cherry 1953 Method Dichotic Listeningdifferent messages are presented to the two earsselective attention experiment participants are instructed to pay attention to the message in one ear attended message repeating it out loud as they hear it and ignore the message in the other ear unattendedshadowing repeating a message out loudthe message stimulated auditory receptors within unattended ear but participants were unable to report the content of the messageNeville Moray 1959showed that participants were unaware of a word that was repeated 35 times in the unattended earDonald Broadbent 1958 early selection model1 sensory memory holds all incoming information for a fraction of a second2 filter identifies the attended message based on its physical characteristics eg tone speed pitch and lets only this message pass through to the detectors3 detector processes information to determine higherlevel characteristics eg meaning4 shortterm memory receives output of detector holds information for 1015 seconds also transfers information to longterm memorybottleneck model filter restricts information flow
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