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University of Toronto St. George
Christine Burton

CHAPTER 5 SHORTTERM AND WORKING MEMORYThe Importance of Memory in Our Lives memory the process involved in retaining retrieving and using information about stimuli images events ideas and skills after the original information is no longer presentjust about everything we do depends on remembering what we have experienced in the pastcase of Clive Wearingcontracted viral encephalitis which destroyed parts of his temporal lobelived within the most recent one or two minutes of his lifedue to his inability to form new memories he constantly feels like he has just become conscious for the first timeStudying Memory modal model of memory proposed by Richard Arkinson and Richard Shiffrin 1968stages are called the structural features of the model1 sensory memory initial stage that holds all incoming information for seconds2 shortterm memory holds 57 items for about 1530 seconds3 longterm memory can hold a large amount of information for years or decadesdescribed the memory system as including control processesactive processes that can be controlled by the person and may differ from one task to another eg rehearsal strategies that help make a stimulus more memorableencoding the process of storing information in longterm memoryretrieval the process of remembering information that is stored in longterm memorySensory Memory The Sparklers Trail and the Projectors Shutter a sparkler can cause a trail of light when it is moved rapidlythere is no light along this trail it is a creation of the mind which retains a perception of the sparklers light for a fraction of a secondpersistence of vision retention of the perception of light in your mindthe sequence of events that occur as a film is projecteda single film frame is positioned in front of the projector lens which openlens shutter then closes so the film can move to the next frame darkening the screenwhen the next frame is in front of the lends the shutter reopensthis process is repeated rapidly the persistence of vision fills in the darkness by retaining the image of the previous frameSperlings Experiment Measuring the Capacity and Duration of the Sensory Storewhole report method participants were asked to report as many letters as possible from the whole matrixaverage of 4512 letters
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