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Ch7 Textbook Notes

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Christine Burton

CHAPTER 7 LONGTERM MEMORY ENCODING AND RETRIEVAL encoding the process of acquiring information and transferring it into LTMcoding the form in which information is representedretrieval process of transferring information from LTM into working memoryEncoding Getting Information Into LongTerm Memory Maintenance Rehearsal and Elaborative Rehearsal maintenance rehearsal maintains information in STMWM but is not an effective way of transferring information into LTMelaborative rehearsal occurs when you think about the meaning of an item or make connections between the item and something you know LevelsOfProcessing Theory proposed by Fergus Craik and Robert Lockhartmemory depends on how information is encodeddeeper processing results in better encoding and retrieval than shallow processingThe Basics of Levels of Processingdepth of processing is determined by the nature of the task during encodingmemory depends on the depth of processing that an item receivesshallow processing involves little attention to meaningoccurs when attention is focused on physical features occurs during maintenance rehearsaldeep processing involves close attentionfocusing on an items meaning and relating it to something else Method Varying Depth of Processingquestion presented followed by a word then participant respondedshallow processing was achieved by asking about the words physical characteristicsdeeper processing was achieved by asking about the words sounddeepest processing was achieved by asking about the words meaningafter responding to questions participants were given a memory test to see how well they recalled the wordsdeeper processing is associated with better memoryThe Difficulty in Defining Depth of Processingcircular reasoning because depth of processing hasnt been defined independently of memory performanceno procedure was able to define depth of processing independently of memory performancemain conclusion that memory retrieval is affected by how items are encoded is still widely accepted Research Showing that Encoding Influences Retrieval
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