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Ch8 Textbook Notes

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Christine Burton

CHAPTER 8 EVERYDAY MEMORY AND MEMORY ERRORS a woman called AJ was able to remember what happened on each day of her lifeshe described her memories as happening automatically and not being under conscious controlwhen given a date she would relate personal experiences that occurred on that day accurately checked against a diary of daily events that she keptexceptional memory for personal experiences autobiographical memoryAutobiographical Memory What has Happened in My Lifeautobiographical memory AM recollected events that belong to a persons pastcan also contain semantic componentsmemories of recent events are dominated by episodic memory memories for more distant events become more semanticThe Multidimensional Nature of AMconsist of spatial emotional sensory componentspatients who lost their ability to recognize objects or visualize objects due to damage to visual areas of the cortex also experienced a loss of AMmay occur because visual stimuli was not available to serve as retrieval cues for memoriesbut even memories not based on visual information are lost in these patientsCabeza et al 2004 measured brain activation caused by two sets of stimulus photographsone taken by the participant autobiographical one taken by someone else laboratoryparticipants are shown the photos and are to indicate whether each photo was an Aphoto an Lphoto they seen before or a new LphotoA and Lphotos activated many of the same structures in the brainAphotos also activated regions associated with processing information about the self memory for visual space and recollectionMemory Over the Life Spanreminiscence bump enhanced memory for adolescence and young adulthood found in people over 40selfimage hypothesis proposed by Rathbone et al 2008memory is enhanced for events that occur as a persons selfimage or life identity is being formedparticipants average aged 54 created I am statements that they felt defined them as a person Then asked when each statement became a significant part of their identityaverage assigned to statements was 25 within reminiscence bumpcognitive hypothesisproposes that periods of rapid change that are followed by stability cause stronger encoding of memoriesdetermined recollections of people who emigrated to the US in their mid 20s or 30s
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