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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Christine Burton

Chapter 9: Nature and Acquisition (pgs. 342-364) Chapter 10: Language in Context (pgs. 381- 393; 410-417) Language: use of an organized means of combining words in order to communicate Communication: exchange of thoughts and feelings- is through language o Encompasses other aspects: nonverbal means (gestures, facial expressions), glances, touches (hits, hugs) Psycholinguistics: psychology of our language as it interacts with human mind. Considers production and comprehension of language 4 areas of study: o Linguistics: study of language structure and change o Neurolinguistics: study of relationships among brain, cognition and language o Sociolinguistics: study of relationship between social behaviour and language o Computational linguistics and psycholinguistics: study of language via computational methods Properties of Language General Descriptions 6 properties that are distinctive of language: o Communicative: language permits us to communicate with one or more people who share our language o Arbitrarily symbolic: language creates an arbitrary relationship between a symbol and its referent: an idea, a thing, a process, a relationship or description o Regularly structured: language has a structure, only particularly patterned arrangements of symbols have meanings o Structured at multiple levels: structure of language can be analyzed at more than one level o Generative, productive: within limits of linguistic structure, langua
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