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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes

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Gillian Rowe

Long-term Memory Modal Model: (everything that follows is related to this model) Rehearsal: Sensory Memory Control process active processes that can be controlled by the person Encoding Short-term memory Retrieval Output Sensory Memory Short-Term Memory A temporary mental store that holds Stores small amounts of information for a brief duration incoming sensory information for Window on the present very brief periods of time Recall: memory performance can be measured as a percentage of the stimuli that are remembered; Iconic memory: visual sensory participants responses can also be analyzed to determine if there is a pattern to the way items are memory recalled. Also involved when a person recollects life events. Measuring recall contrasts with measuring Duration: 1 second recognition (i.e. multiple choice questions). Persistence of vision: holds a Rehearsal: strategies used to make a stimulus more memorable; strategies of attention short impression of sensory Suffix effect: an extra speech stimulus presented at the end of the list (e.g. go) harms recall, even information even when the though it is entirely predictable sensory system does not send DURATION any information anymore (i.e. The effective duration of STM, when rehearsal is prevented is about 15 20 seconds sparklers, movies PoV fills in Peterson & Peterson: the darkness by retaining the PURPOSE: determining the duration of STM image of the previous frame) METHOD: recall; letters and words presented, then must count backwards by 3s for a certain period of Perceptual span: the limit in a single glance, measured to be time RESULTS: 3 seconds = 80% recall, 18 seconds = 7% between 4 and 5 items (aka span CONCLUSION: interpreted results as Decay theory of forgetting i.e. their memory trace decayed of immediate apprehension) www.notesolution.com
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