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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Gillian Rowe

Neurons: the building blocks of the nervous system o Send signal within a neuron: ELECTRICAL action potentials (properties of the environment are represented by electrical signals in the nervous system) o Send signal between neurons: CHEMICAL neurotransmitters o Communication: getting the message across transforming energy from the environment transduction: energy in one form transformed into different energy by brain; action potentials do not ravel across synapse, they trigger a chemical process action potential: AP reach certain level electrical signal sent down to neuron to end of axon synaptic vesicles open and release neurotransmitters which are picked up by receiving dendrites neurotransmitters: chemicals that affect the electrical signal of the receiving neuron inside drugs: dopamine (increases neuron fire excitatory); GABA (decreases neuron fire inhibitory) outside drugs: cocaine, alcohol, prescription drugs o Intensity of stimulus represented by the rate of nerve firing; all action potentials are basically the same (Adrian) Feature detectors: neurons that respond best to a specific stimulus o Neurons that respond to specific visual features observing tree: light reflected retina representation of tree Modularity module: an area specialized for a specific function (FFA, PPA, and EBA are examples) FFA (Fusiform Face Area): information perceiving faces Underside of temporal lobe Kanwisher et al.: Neural activity greatest when faces seen test to see if images of bodies or human heads make a difference; results show that while it isnt saying that neurons arent
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