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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes

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Gillian Rowe

Mind: creates and controls mental functions such as perception, attention, memory, emotions, languages, deciding, thinking, and reasoning; a system that creates representations of the world so that we can act within it to achieve our goals Cognitive psychology: the study of thinking how people perceive, learn, remember, and think about information o Cognition what is actually going on in the mind; performance observable behaviour used as evidence of cognition o Cognitive Revolution Fall of behaviourism Rising popularity of computers consider internal events as well as observable stimuli and responses Human factors engineering importance of studying complex human behaviour Communications engineering useful concepts Modern linguistics challenged behaviourists view of language Computer science (artificial intelligence) human computer analogy o Donders: PURPOSE: determine how long it takes for a person to make a decision METHODCONCLUSION: measuring reaction time time taken to respond to stimulus Simple reaction time task: presenting stimulus (light) mental response (perceiving light) behavioural response (pushing button) Choice reaction time task: presenting stimulus (light) mental response (perceiving light AND decide which number to push) behavioural response (pushing button); took slightly longer therefore decision takes around 110 of a second SIGNIFICANCE: mental responses must be inferred from behaviour o Ebbinghaus: PURPOSE: determine how information that is learned is lost over time METHODCONCLUSION: savings method calculate savings by sub
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