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University of Toronto St. George
Christine Burton

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO PERCEPTIONThe Perceptual Process perception doesnt just happen its the end result of complex behind the scene processesperceptual process a sequence of processes that work together to determine our experience of and reaction to stimuli in the environmentstimulus1 environmental stimulus2 attended stimulus3 stimulus on the receptorselectricity4 transduction5 transmission6 processingexperience and action 7 perception8 recognition9 action arranged in a circle with knowledge above the circleThe Stimulus Environmental Stimuli and Attended Stimulienvironmental stimulus is all of the things in our environment that we can potentially perceiveattended stimulus is whatever is being attended toThe Stimulus on the Receptorseg looking at a moth creates an image of it and its immediate surroundings on the receptors of the retinathe stimulus is transformed into an image on the retina a representation of the mothElectricity Transductionthe transformation of one form of energy into another form of energyoccurs when energy in the environment eg light mechanical pressure chemical is transformed into electrical energyTransmissionthe electrical signals activate other neurons which in turn activate more neurons eventually reaching the brainProcessingneural processing involves interactions between neuronsthe image of the moth is changed into electrical signals that are relayed through a series of neurons to the brain transforming it into a perception of the mothExperience and Action
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