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University of Toronto St. George
Christine Burton

CHAPTER 8 PERCEIVING MOTIONFunctions of Motion PerceptionMotion Helps Us Understand Events in Our Environment Also essential for our ability to move through the environmentMotion agnosia ability to perceive motion is disrupted o Difficult to pour tea into a cup because the liquid appeared frozen or follow dialogue because she couldnt see motions of a speakers face and mouthMotion Attracts AttentionAttentional capture ability of motion to attract attention Motion Provides Information About Objects Example of blending into the background by not moving o Movement perceptually organizes all the elements of an object creating a figure that is separated from the backgroundStudying Motion Perception When Do We Perceive MotionReal motion actual motion of an objectIllusory motion perception of motion that involve stimuli that arent movingInduced motion occurs when motion of one object usually larger causes a nearby stationary object usually smaller to appear to moveMotion aftereffects occurs after viewing a moving stimulus for 3060s and then viewing a stationary stimulus which appears to move o Waterfall illusion looking at a waterfall for 3060s then looking off to the side part of the scene everything will appear to move for a few secondsComparing Real and Apparent MotionLarsen et al 2006 presented three types of displays to a person in an fMRI scanner o Control two dots in slightly different positions were flashed simultaneously o Real motion a small dot moved back and forth o Apparent motion dots were flashed one after anotherResults activation associated with apparent motion is similar to activation for real motionWhat We Want to ExplainJeremy walks across the roomMarias eyes are stationary o Image on observers retina moves object movesJeremy walks across the roomMarias eyes follow Jeremy o Image on observers retina is stationary object movesMaria walks through the room o Images on observers retina moves objects room and its contents dont moveMotion Perception Information in the Environment
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