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Chapter 1

PSY309 - chapter 1 notes

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University of Toronto St. George
John Kloppenbord

Chapter 1: Scientific Understanding of Behaviour Scientific Approach - The Limitations of Intuition and Authority o problem with intuition is that many biases affect our perceptions - Authority o rejects the notion that one can accept on faith the statements of authority - Skepticism, Science and the Empirical Approach o skeptisim means that ideas must be evaluated based on careful logic o Empiricism – knowledge based on observations o Falsifiability – a theory that is shown to be false o Peer Review – judging research through reviews by peers and other scientists - Integrating Intuition, Skepticism and Authority o ideas must be evaluated based on available evidence that can be used to support/refute the ideas o Pseudoscience – claims that are made based on evidence that is designed to appear scientific but really isn’t (ie. Dr Ho) Goals of Science - Description of Behaviour - Prediction of Behaviour o allows us to anticipate events and helps us to make better decisions - Determining the Causes of Behaviour o to know how to change behaviour, we need to know the causes of behaviour o to conclude causation, three things must occur:
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