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Chapter 2

PSY309 - Chapter 2

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John Kloppenbord

Chapter 2: Where to Start HYPOTHESES AND PREDICTIONS - Hypothesis – makes a statement about something that may be true; a tentative idea/question - Prediction – makes a statement concerning what will occur in a research investigation; outcome of the experiment - when the results of a study confirm a prediction, the hypothesis is only supported, not proven - participants/subjects – individuals who participate in research projects - respondents – individuals who take part in survey research - informants – people who help researchers understand the dynamics of particular cultural and organization settings SOURCES OFIDEAS - C OMMON SENSE – things we all believe to be true - O BSERVATION OF THW ORLD AROUND US– observations of personal and social events o Serendipity – sometimes the most interesting discoveries are the result of accident or sheer luck - THEORIES o Organize and Explain – a variety of specific facts/descriptions of behaviour o Generate new knowledge – which focus our thinking so that we notice new aspects of behaviour o scientific theory is grounded in actual data: observations that have been made and hypotheses that can be tested thru research o theories are usually modified as new research defines the scope of the theory - P ASTRESEARCH – best way to gener
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