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Gillian Rowe

PSY313: Psychology of Aging Chapter 1 summary Studying Adult development and Aging  Gerontology: -study of adult development and aging (from maturity through old age)  Ageism - a form of discrimination against older adults based on their age -negative stereotypes  The Life-span perspective -divides human development into 2 phases 1. Early phase (childhood and adolescence) 2. Later phase (young adulthood, middle age, old age)  Paul Baltes identified 4 key features of the life-span perspective 1. Multidirectionality -development involves both growth and decline 2. Plasticity -One’s capacity is not predetermined -many skills can be learned or improved with practice 3. Historical context -we develop in particular set of circumstances determined by historical time we live in and our culture 4. Multiple Causation -development is influenced by a wide variety of forces -development is shaped by bio, pshycho, sociocultural and life-cycle forces  The life-span perspective emphasizes that development takes a lifetime to complete  Dynamic interaction between growth, maintenance, and loss regulation  The number of older adults in industrialized countries increased dramatically in the 20 century due to -better health care -lowering of women’s mortality during childbirth -significantly lower birth rates  2006: the age pyramid graph has lost its pyramid shape as generations following the baby boom are not as large  Oldest area of the world: Europe  Youngest area of the world: Africa  Apocalyptic demography: the idea that an aging population will create social chaos  Gee and Gutman, themes 5. Aging is a social problem 6. All old people are the same 7. Older people over use services and resources 8. Intergenerational inequity and conflict will result from this overuse 9. The welfare state will have to be dismantled and recreated to accommodate the needs of increasing numbers of older persons  The older adults were responsible for the establishment of our current health care system  Men and w
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