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Chapter 4

psy 320 chapter 4

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William Huggon

Chapter 4Attitude MeasurementSummary scales used to measure attitudesPitfalls and challenges researchers have when trying to measure attitudes empiricallyOverviewSimplest way to assess attitudes may be to ask people if they likedislike the attitude objectoEx Gallup polls ask if approvedisapprove of the way chief executive is doing his joboProb1 agreedisagree question only allows 2 choicesoProb2 measures attitudes w only 1 itemso if the item is ambiguous or if the respondent misunderstands the question then all hope of accurately measuring the attitude disappearsmiss opportunity to tap into complex components of attitudetherefore good to haveomany survey itemsoassess attitudes on a numerical continuum aka scaleso3 standard attitudes scales Likert Guttman Semantic differentialQuestionnaire Measures of AttitudeLikert ScaleA series of opinion statements indicative of the subjects agreement or disagreement along a numerical scaleAssumes that each item taps the same underlying attitude and there are interrelationships among the itemsPresumes equal intervals between categoriesEx 5point scale strongly agree somewhat agree neutral somewhat disagree strongly disagreeCan also go from 17 19 1100Most come are 5 or 7 point scale bc they allow subject to indicates shades of gray in their opinion but not so many categories as to feel overwhelming by the choicesGuttman scaleProgresses from items easiest to acceptmost difficult to endorseHigh scoreagree w all items
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