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Chapter 9

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Michelle Brownrigg

Chapter 9: health and physical activity Sport psychology: the study of the influence of psychological factors on sport behaviour (mind-to-body) Exercise psychology: the study of the influence the sport and exercise have on one’s psychology and behaviour. (body-to-mind) Five components of health  Mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual Five forms of physical activity  Isometric: contracting muscle with no movement  Isotonic: free weights, shortening and lengthening  Isokinetic: complete range of motion, most effective but hardest, expensive machines  Aerobic  Anaerobic Four sources of efficacy expectations  Performance accomplishments: most influential, actual experiences of mastery, considered to be the most influential source of self-efficacy  Vicarious experience: gained through observing and visualizing others perform a skill, which can alert one to one’s own capabilities and raise one’s sense of self-efficacy.  Verbal persuasion: to verbally persuade others that they have the skills to perform a particular task—that is, to talk then into it  Emotional arousa
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