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University of Toronto St. George
Ross Hetherington

PSY341 Term Test 1 ReadingsFombonne E Zakarian R Bennett A Meng LMcLeanHeywood D 2006 ervasive developmental disorders in Montreal Quebec Canada Prevalence and links with immunizations Pediatrics 118 139150 pervasive developmental disorders PDDsmarked impairments in reciprocal social interaction language communicationorepetitivestereotypic patterns of behaviour andinterestsoautistic disorder not otherwise specified Aspergers childhood disintegrative disorder3fold increase in diagnosis over the last 5 yearsoBroadening diagnostic conceptoAwarenessoImproved detectionoEnvironmental risk factor since too fast for geneticsobjective oestimate pervasive developmental disorder prevalence in Montreal in cohorts born from 19871998oevaluate relationship of trends in development withchanges in cumulative exposure to ethylmercury occurring through modifications in immunization schedule of young childrentrends in measlesmumpsrubella vaccination use rates and introduction of a 2measlesmumpsrubella dosing schedule during the study periodmethod assessing immunization records of children with PDDsresultsoprevalenceincreased rates in birth cohortsDSM diagnosis more specific and categorized and subtypesIncreased expertise in diagnosisPolicy change additional funding for disabled childrenmore PDDs studentsInclusion of PDDs students education more accessiblepreponderance of males in PDD sampleMF ratio lower in AspergersHighest prevalence in kindergartenLower prevalence in gr 10Sample may not reflect populationdepends on the area since Montreal has a policy of integrating disabled studentsoautism and thimerosalhighest prevalence in thimerosalfree cohortwithin each dose exposure group steady increase of PDDs over timethimerosal unrelated to rising PDD prevalence1
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