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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Intellectual Disability Mental Retardationintellectual disability characterized by significant limitations in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behaviour beginning before age 18mental retardation not a mental disorder medical disorder insteadoaxis II of DSMIVTR stable conditionIntelligence and Mental RetardationHistorythlate 18 c oVictor wild boy of Aveyronohumanitarian efforts against oppressed or neglected groupsthmid 19 coHowe training and educating the feebleminded was a public responsibilityOpened first humanitarian institution in North American for persons with mental retardation1940s parents forming organizations to increase care1950 National Association for Retarded Childrenthe Eugenics Scarethoevolutionary degeneracy theory 19 cintellectual and social problems of children with mental retardation due to regression to earlier period in human evolutionmissing link between humans and lower speciesDown evolutionary throwback to the Mongol raceExplanation for insanity mental deficiency and social devianceoEugenicsthe science which deals with all influences that improve the inborn qualities of a raceofocus on societys needs must be protected from people with MRMRlack of moral fibre moral imbecile or moronDefining and Measuring Childrens Intelligence and Adaptive BehaviourBinet and Simon 1900 developed first intelligence tests to measure judgement and reasoningoStanfordBinet scaleGeneral intellectual functioningdefined by IQ based on assessment with one or more of the standardized individually administered intelligence tests WISCIV SB5 or KABCIIoVerbal visualspatial skills reasoning similarities and differences mathematical conceptsadaptive functioninghow effectively individuals cope with ordinary life demands and how capable they are of living independently and abiding by community standards
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