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Chapter 13

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University of Toronto St. George
Ross Hetherington

Chapter 13 Eating Disorders and Related Conditionsobesity not mental health disorderbut can lead to onedisproportionately related to sociocultural influences rather than psychological and biologicaloclosely linked to Western culturethird most common illness in Western adolescent femalesHow Eating Patterns DevelopNormal13 childrenpicky eatersBy age 9 girls more anxious about body weightmedia influences peerschool biological etcDevelopmental Risk Factorscontinuum of eating pathologydrive for thinnesskey motivational variable in females particularyeating attitudepersons belief that cultural standards for attractiveness body image and social acceptance are closely tied to ones ability to control diet and weight gainointernalized at an early age710 yearsosignificantly related to eating problemsdisordersprotective factorregular family mealstransition into adolescenceoanorexia and bulimia typically occur during adolescence thereafter is rareotiming of maturationgirls who mature early likely to be heavier ogirls put more emphasis on body weightwomen who describe superwomen ambitions greater risk for eating disordersthreats of achievementdieting and weight concernsogrades 58 60 reported dieting over past 7 daysreport feeling depressed after overeating choose strict dieting as form of weight controlodevelopment and gender factorsspike in females by midadolescenceodieting results in overeatingdecreasing caloric intake reduces metabolic ratmore fat in cellspositive feedback more dietingfalsehope syndromeinitial commitment to change ones appearance leads to shortterm improvements in mood and selfimage but this hope declines as feelings of failure and loss of control increaselead to binging and purging voluntary use of vomiting laxatives or other methods to rid the body of food1
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