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Chapter 14

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Ross Hetherington

Chapter 14 Child Maltreatment and NonAccidental TraumaChild maltreatmentgeneric term that refers to four primary actsophysical abuseoneglectosexual abuseoemotional abusenonaccidental traumawideranging effects of maltreatment on childs ongoing physical and emotional developmentchildren are highly dependent on adults victimizationabusemaltreatment of someone whose ability to protect him or herself is limitedvictims face paradoxical dilemmasowants to stop violence but also longs to belong to familyoaffection and attention may coexist with violence and abuseointensity of violence tends to increase over time although in some cases physical violence may decrease or even stop all togetherHistory and Family Contexthistoryochildren view as exclusive property of father who had full discretion of how to administer punishmentabsolute authority over family by husbandright to family privacyHealthy Familiesearliest and most enduring social relationshipsdeterminants of healthy parentchild relationships and family roles derive from carefree environment that balances need for control and directionexpectable environmentfor infants requires protective and nurturing adults as well as opportunities for socialization with a cultureresponsible parenting involves gradual shifting of control from parents to child and communityFamily Stress and Disharmonychilds method of adapting to immediate environmental demands may later compromise hisher ability to form relationships with otherschild maltreatmentstress ongoing and unpredictable often result of actions and inactions of people the child is supposed to trust and depend onprime factor to stress responsedegree of support and assistanceContinuum of Carechildcentered end of continuumappropriate and healthy forms of childrearing actions that promote child development encouragement matching demands and expectations to childs needs and abilitiesborderline actionsgreater degrees of irresponsible and harmful child care1
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