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Chapter 12

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Ross Hetherington

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Chapter 12 HealthRelated and Substance Use DisordersChronic Illnesspersists longer than 3 months in a given year or requires a period of continuous hospitalization of more than 1 monthsomatoform disordersgroup of related problems involving physical symptoms that resemble or suggest a medical condition but lack organic or physiological evidenceosomatization hypochondriasis pain disordersonot feigned real enough to cause significant distress or impairmentpsychological factors affecting physical conditiondisorders in which psychological factors are presumed to cause or exacerbate a physical conditionowith children its usually the other way around medical condition causing psychological distressmorbidityvarious forms of physical and functional consequences and limitations that result from an illnesschildren do not have a higher pain thresholdthey just lack the means of expressing itsomatic complaints normal 13 of typical schoolaged children report using pain for secondary gainsogirls report more pain and anxiety than boys
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