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Chapter 5


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Chapter 5: Women’s Rights and Judgment  Issues in the 1848 about women’s rights, women are entitled to the rights deemed natural and inalienable by men  They claimed the rights of citizenship in a professedly democratic state  They wanted the premise of equality social contract and natural rights  No special consideration for women but all men and women are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights like: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness  Mary Wollstonecraft argued that liberty rather than leading to license is the mother of virtue  Self development is a higher duty than self sacrifice  The accusation of selfishness is the cardinal sin in the ladder of feminine virtue that reach toward an ideal of perfect devotion not only to god but to men  Early views were that the development of women would serve to promote the general good  Women started to exercise reason and exert control over conditions effecting their lives which led to various reasons for social reform in the latter half of the nineteenth century ranging from social purity movements for temperance and public help to the more radical movements for free love and birth control  They wanted the vote to include their voices in the shaping of history and to change prevailing practices that were damaging to present and future generations  The twentieth century has witness the legitimation of many of the rights the early feminists sought  Early feminists sought education as critical for women if they were to live under their own control  Some people view women’s self development
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