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Chapter 20

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Richards Chapter 20 Psychology and LanguageLanguage is the most multidisciplinary of subjects many different disciplines have their interests in language some of which include linguistics philosophy anthropology and sociologysee table 201 pg 295Difficult to chronologically plot the development of psychology and languageNoah Porters view of languageOrigins of psychological language from that used for referring to the public world has long been knownIdea that psychological language was derived from language used for referring to the public world has been generally accepted language plays a constructionist roleTurning point after 1880 as psychology was establishing itself as a natural science it began to accept idea that its technical language referred to naturally occurring phenomenon as reflecting an objective reality Summarization of Noah Porters statements on this matter1All psychological concepts are expressed in analogies drawn from external world phenomenon this is correct2Words label ideas existing separately from words themselves this idea is now rejectedThis idea ignores possibility that language plays a role in actively determining our ideas about the psychological3Human experience has shaped everyday language in such a way that its psychological conceptsclassifications are basically accurate any new ideas must then be tested against existing psychological language4Explaining the mind by using anal
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