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Walid Saleh

Monday Sept 10th 2012 World Religion Chapter 1 pg 4- 26 LookingBackfromStonehenge: Fundamental Concepts to Religion: powerful gods, sacred places, a life of some kind after death, the presence in the physical world of spirits that interact with humans in various ways ThreeWorlds: - world consists of sky, earth, underworld - Sky= home of the greatest deities (sun, stars, storms led early humans to believe that heavenly bodies were animated in the sky) - Underworld= home of evil (cobras, serpents because they were associated with dark places they were seen as evil) - Earth= intermediate level where humans lived SacredPlaces: - sacred = the place closest to sky is sacred - Sacred means “set aside” Animal Spirits: - attribute animals spirits to members of family with a collective guardian spirit DeathandBurial: - belief that deceased ancestors can play a role in the living members of their families is widespread example; halloween, obon, day of the dead - living were willing to sacrifice important resources to help the dead in the afterlife WhyareHumansReligious? - Religion answers questions we have asked since humans existed - Scholars call homo sapiens homo religosus 10WavesofReligion 1.Shamanism:A person who acts as a intermediary between humans and spirit world - Passed down belief is that spirits of animals or people exist after death; sometimes evil spirits and people must sacrifice or act out a ritual for evil spirits to be cast away - Shamans still exist, they are people who go through rigorous apprenticeship and connect with spirits (they are in a sense chosen ones) 2. ConnectingtotheCosmos:People of neolithic era (new rock) created sacred eras to perform rituals by piling rocks - powerful reasons for religion is fear of death and idea of afterlife - common feature of neothilic religion would be associating animals with gods 3. TempleReligion:large temples and more elaborate sacrificial rituals - this wave shaped judaism, chines religion and Hinduism - created the social classes of religion example; Hinduism that caste system - gave priests a powerful position in their society 4. Prophet
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