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Chapter 5

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Walid Saleh

Chapter 5- World Religion reading - all creatures are muslim - only creation that has a choice of religion are human beings - people can convert to islam: repeating the shahadah ( profession of faith) in front of 2 muslims LifeofMuhammad: - raised as an orphan - cared for by paternal grandfather Abd al Muttalib and then after his grandfathers death his uncle Abu Talib - once a year during ramadan muhammad would spend time secluded in the cave - in the cave is where he was called to prophethood -angel came down to tell him that he is a prophet and muhammad seeked consolation in Khadijah who took him to his cousin who confirmed that he was sent by God - Muhammad just like Jesus was vilified -Muhammad's wife and uncle died and he soon went on a night journey also known as mi’raj traveling from mecca to Jerusalem in the course of one night and ascending to heaven FirstMuslimCommunity: - 622 muhammad created the first islamic common wealth community in the city of Medina - Medina Jews rejected Muhammad as a prophet - Islam began to distinguish itself from Judaism - ramadan took place over Yom Kippur and direction of prayer was changed from jerusalem
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