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notes on the genesis

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Arti Dhand

Response Reading of the GenesisThe Genesis is a very interesting book to apprehend Even the scripture its self is quite unique The Genesis talks about allot of things that are considered important aspects throughout the book For example in the beginning the Genesis talks about how God created the universe in seven days and on the seventh day God rested after he ended his work Something that becomes mind bottling is that why would God rest on the seventh day After all he is the almighty God what reason would he have to do such a thing Was there a purpose to why rested Also if God could create man from a single speck of dust then why was Eve created from the rib of Adam As the reading progresses further there are several other aspects that are rather interesting such as the death of Abel It is only human nature to feel an emotion of jealousy towards another Thus this emotion led to a murder committed by Cain who was the brother of Abel This act was not just a murder but it was the first death of a human being on the face of the earth along with the very first evil act and sin committed by another human being The Genesis also mentions life spans of almost every personcharacter mentioned in the book It was interesting to see that people back then had such long life spans Almost everyone lived over threehundred years or so which allowed them to do so many things with their lives and experi
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