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Jaina Traditionsch 4 pages 146151The Jainism message the path to happiness truth and selfrealization is the path of restraint Happiness is the product of not of doing but of notdoing Not only to embrace the world but to disengage from itemphasis on restraintthe spirit of the tradition the path of renunciation is a path of transformative powerinterplay between the worldly and the otherworldly both in scripture and in practiceThis tradition expresses itself ritually through the veneration and emulation of the Jinas aka Tirthankaras who build bridges across the ocean of birth and death or samsaraThe Jina is the Jaina ideal and the focus of their devotionJinas potential to be regal and bejeweled crowned and an Arhat deep in meditationworld renouncer and world conquerorkarma from a life of nonviolence restraint selfdiscipline and a commitment to not harm are the starting pointsahimsa paramo dharmanonviolence is the supreme paththis means radical noninterference not a plan to stop all worldly violencesurrounded by countless life forms who all posses an eternal soul jiva to cause them harm would be to cause ourselves harm because every act of violence gives us negative karma which hinders us from knowing our true self Lack of intention to harm is not as badattachment to the world through our personalities and bodies hinder knowing our true self which is not part of this world it has nothing to do with our relationships experiences or skill momentary awakening samyak darshanright faith or correct intuition when we realize the above it is the start of jainismtwojain sects Digambara naked or skyclad and Svetambara whitecladboth Jains and Buddhists had historically similar start times and rejected the flawed Brahminical focus with cosmic and social order and the cult sacrificessimilar views of salvationMahavira is their teacher and great hero his embryo was transfered from a Brahmin woman to Queen Trisalain the cycle of generation and degeneration they believe that Mahavira was the last jina until the cycle rebuilds and 24 more jinas will be created
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