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Arti Dhand

Indus Valley Civilization concerned around ancient river Indus which flows through Pakistan through northern Indian land 2500 BCE roughly contemptuous settled urban culture The civilization was well planned had ritual bar houses and double story houses It was very much sophisticated for its timeThey were active in trade through various kinds of coinage and pottery This civilization was also literate Their script however has never been distended In fact it is very difficult to know what their civ was like Our concern sketch of the religious picture during the period of ancient Indian Civilization Culture concerned with purity Ex bar houses High reverence for female deitiesand basis of female imagery High reverence for animals Assestismvarious practices of displaying the body ex Images of man crossed legged for meditation Valley eventually dies outsome say because of a horrible drought that went on for 300 yearsmost probable cause Sanskrit Sanskrit is the ancient language in which the highly important Vedas are composed inThe thVedas are vast collection of text that are recognized as being the most ancient scripture In late 18 century the Indian Subcontinent was under British rule The early phases of British control were through very little government interference they would govern by implementing the existing laws In order to thoroughly rule throughout the Indian land the British had to educate themselves on the Indian language Sanskrit become
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