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Amanda Goodman

Reading 1 A Contribution to the Study of the Collective Representation of DeathBurial of the bodynot like an animal carcassneeds a correct burial not only for hygienic reasons but for moral obligation as wellWith death brings moral responsibilities for the living person Modifying the natural patterns of their lifeDeath has a special meaning for the collective consciousnessObject of a collective representation Death occurs in one instantCommemorative ceremonies are held in honor of the deceased In primitive societies the bodies are only stored in the tomb where they are first placed After a while they are moved to their final resting place where the people will perform funeral ritesLafitauThis shows how death is not only represented like it is in our society1 The Intermediary PeriodThe practices occasioned by the death can be classified under three headings 1 The Body provisional burialMalayIt is not customary to take a body to its final resting place once the person has died Customary to keep the bodies of the rich or the pri
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