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University of Toronto St. George
Edith Szanto

Islam observed Our problem, and it grows worse by the day, is not to define religion but to find it. The aim of the systematic religious studies is not just to describe ideas but to determine just how and in what way particular ideas, acts, and institution sustain, fail to sustain or inhibit religious faith The faith of man or groups of men may to may not be, it is indisputable that it is sustained in this world by symbolic forms and social arrangements The intriguing question for anthropologist is how do men of religious sensibility react when the machinery of faith begins to wear out? What do they do when tradition falter? Each major phase of civilization began with a breaching of the gates by some ambitious local chieftain whose religious zeal was the source of both his ambition and his chieftainship Morocco ( was a civilization built on nerves, Islam has been a force for cultural homogenization and moral consensus for the social standardization of fundamental beliefs and values Indonesia (built on diligence build on productive peasant economy was not an Islamic state but an Indic one Islam did not construct a civilization, it appropriated one Islam has been for Indonesia powerful for cultural diversification, for crystallization of sharply variant even incompatible notions of wh
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