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RLG280Y1 Chapter Notes -Israelites, Common Era

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Walid Saleh

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Patriarchs early people (Abraham; first father)
Abraham (chosen by God) first covenant ; 10 commandments
Then joseph (moved to Egypt) where the Israelites are slaves
Monarchy period
David (elected to be king of Israel by God) not the first king; but the king where the covenant is renewed or
“recommitted” btw god and his people
Monarchy is a divinely established institution
Then the temple was created
**Cult the collective rituals of a religion (anything you do; ex sacrifices, in the temple)
With the temple came the Priestly cast (belonging to a blood line which initiated into servicing the temple) and the
sacrifice (connected to atonement)
All of this will carry over to Christianity
The Babylon Exile (destruction of the temple)
Shortly after the second temple is build and is standing till 70 of Common Era (then was destroyed by the romans)
When the Babylonians came and destroyed the temple they also destroyed the “king” then there was a “appointed
one” because as the temple was still standing the king was destroyed
Then Jesus came; as king of the Jews ; but you need to be the son of David
From the romans destroying the temple; then we have Rubinic Judaism
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