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Chapter 16

Part 4 Chapter 16

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Rotman Commerce
John Oesch

S^`S`W^ S`_S ^[VaU` ^[VaU` WS`a^W_SZVWZWX`_ fJff f f ffnf n 4 ,n f f 4 f fff ff f ffnff f n fnf f f n 9 nff Iffn f nf ff ff f n ff n f n ff fff n , ffnffnf ff f f nfnffn S__XZY[[V_SZVW^bUW_ f ff n S__XZY[Z_a W^ ^[VaU`_ n nfn n ff f f f fnfn nf n 4 f ff n fn n ff n f Jnfn nf n 4 nnf f fnnn nf nn n ffn f fnfn ff fnf fn 4 J fn fnfnn S__XZYZVa_`^S ^[VaU`_ f f ffn f f f 4 D n nn f fn f f fff f ff n f nf ff 4 9f n JfnnJ V ffnn n nff O 9n f nf ffnW ^[VaU` 9n nfnf ffff f ^[VaU`ZW_ 9nf n ff fff 4 f nff f f n f f fn n f f n WbW[ZY Wc ^[VaU`_ nf nff n @I f f,fI WW ^SW[X Wc ^[VaU`WbW[WZ` ffnf nf 4 f fn f f ^[VaU` [^`S`S`W_ @f n ff n ffn f %&n n nnn f nn nfnf nf f WWV`[ S^W` ,f f n ffn n nnff ff f f n n Jnnf ( fn f 9nf ff n f nf f n WbWZ`WWbW[WZ` ^[UW__ & 9n f fn f nnfnn fn f nfn f nff f f f f nf fnnnf * n ff n f f + f n,ff n f f , n ffn nn+ f f ffn - ff nfnf n
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