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Chapter 20

Part 5 Chapter 20

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Rotman Commerce
John Oesch

S^`S`W^ W[W[X`W ZSZU S SZSYW^ fnfff aff f f a fn f nf fn n ffna na n f af a aaf af aaf a aa 4 a f a aa 4 af af a aa 4 na f fn f fna a 4 aff afa af TWU` bW_[X`W ZSZU S SZSYW^ naf aaf a fn a af fna nf f fn f a fn f 4 f na a n f f aan f a ,af afa ff a O Aff a n ff nan n ff a W_[Z_ T ` W_[X ZSZU S SZSYW^ S_X[cSZSYWWZ` ,a fa nf n f ffff afaa nnf aa a faa a afa ZSZU S[Z`^[ nnn fnaf fnff a fa afaa fn f afa fn 4 a ZSZU S SZZ ZY ana fn f ffa fnffn a f fn fn f a a a a n na nf 4 aaa fa f 4 J a 4 J nf aaa
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