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John Oesch

AOL has many strengths that give them an edge in the ISP industry AOL has the first entrant advantage of being the most recognized name in the market AOLs large customer base will give its broadband venture a natural advantage In 1998 AOL had a staggering 313 million subscribers By 2000 AOL had a fifty percent market share As long as AOL makes it easier to switch directly from their dial up service to their broadband service customers seeking to upgrade should stay with AOL Likewise AOLs free instant messenger service gives the company more exposure and allows them to display the user friendliness of their services AOLs merger with Time Warner was made with the intention of helping both tap into the profitable broadband market Both companies saw the market was shifting from narrowband to broadband internet access TWX owned Time Warner Cable a company that could provide broadband access TWC would love to pick up AOLs customers as they switched to broadband Likewise AOL held its customers through its walled garden strategy of content TWX was a media giant that could provide AOL with limitless content However AOL is running into a number of problems from its partnership with TWX Although TWC can provide AOL wit
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