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Chapter 8

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Rotman Commerce
John Oesch

Chapter 8 Human resource management the function of attracting developing and retaining employees who can perform the activities needed to meet organizational objectives Plans for staffing needsRecruits and hires workersProvides for training and evaluates performanceDivides on compensation and benefitsOversees employee separationObjectives 1 Providing qualified welltrained employees for the organization 2 Maximizing employee effectiveness in the organization 3 Satisfying individual employee needs through monetary compensation benefits opportunities to advance and job satisfaction Recruitment and selectionFinding qualified candidatesSelecting and hiring employees o Drug test o Employment test o Language Orientation Training and evaluation Training programsOn the job training o Perform tasks under the guidance of experienced employees o Apprenticeship trainingassistant to a trained workerClassroom and computerbased training o Lectures conferences workshops seminars o CBT lower cost consistent presentations anywhere anytimeManagement development o Improve the skills and broaden the knowledge of current or future managers and executivesPerformance Appraisalsevaluation of and feedback on an employees job performanceTake place several times a yearBe linked to organizational goalsBe based on objective measuresTake place in the form of a twoway conversationPeer reviews 360 degree performance review812 people as many different feedback as possible Compensationthe amount employees are paid in money and benefitsHighly charged issues faced by HR managersBalance
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