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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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Rotman Commerce
Yu Wang

CHAPTER 4: ANALYZING WORK & DESIGNING JOBS Work Flow design : analyzes the tasks necessary for production of product or service output of process : What is provided activities involved inputs raw inputs equipment Human Resources JOB ANALYSIS: process of getting detailed information about jobs by determining tasks, duties and responsibilities. Important for: o work redesign o workforce planning o selection o training o performance appraisal o job evaluation Work Oriented Job Analysis: focused on work results and listings of various tasks performed to achieve them Worker Oriented Job Analysis: focused on overall elements of the job and list visual, interpersonal, sensory, intellectual and physical requirements Gather information through: Interviews Direct observation (job shadow) disadvantage: may alter behaviour Structured questionnaires preset questions has to be easy to read understand Position analysis Question (PAQ) focus on overall job behaviours advantages: valid, reliable, easy to use, cost effective disadvantages: worker oriented, difficult to read and understand Task inventory work oriented surveys that break down tasks into their component tasks Functional Job Analysis: what employee does& the outcome of that action difference between what is done, and what is accomplished www.notesolution.com
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