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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 notes (book + slides)

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University of Toronto St. George
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Yu Wang

Chapter 7: TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Training an organizations planned efforts to help employees acquire job related competencies with the goal of applying these to the job Employee Development combination of : o formal education o job experiences o relationships o assessment of personality & competencies to help employees prepare for their future careers. Instructional Design Process of systematically developing training to meet specified needs TO TRAIN OR NOT TO TRAIN???? Problem: Lack of knowledge & Problem: Systematic Skills problem is out of control of the training!!!!!! employee Problem: Bad Fit Problem: Low Motivation improper placement of assess personal consequences employee rewards system high EMPLOYEE ATTITUDE MOTIVATION llow high JOB KNOWLEDGE THE SYSTEMS APPROACH TO TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: I ) NEEDS ASSESSMENT: Evaluating organization, individual employees, employees tasks to determine what kind of training may be necessary. www.notesolution.com
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