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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 notes (book + slides)

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Rotman Commerce
Yu Wang

CHAPTER 8: MANAGING PERFORMANCE Performance Management: ensuring that the employees activities match the organizations goals. Performance Appraisal: measurements of specific areas of an employees performance Purposes of performance management: - 1. Strategic Purpose o Link behaviour of employee with organizations goals Identify when expectations are not being met Take corrective measures - 2. Administrative Purpose o How organization uses system to provide information for day to day decisions regarding: Salary Benefits Recognition programs Employee retention Hiring Layoffs - 3. Developmental Purpose o Basis for improving competencies Identify areas of improvement for all employees through feedback Job performance: - Task performance: Behaviours that contribute to the production of goods or provision of services - Citizenship performance: Behaviours that contribute to the organizations goals by positively influencing its social and psychological environment - Counterproductive performance: Voluntary behaviours that harm the well- being of the organization Criteria for measuring Performance Management methods: - Validity o does it measure what its intended to measure (see chart) - Reliability o Inter-rater reliability: consistency of results among different testers o Test Retake Reliability: consistence of results over time - Fit with Strategy o Aim for behaviours aligned with company strategy - Acceptability www.notesolution.com
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