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CHAPTER 2: LEGAL CONTEXT FOR HRM Direct Discrimination: Policies or practices that clearly make a distinction based on a prohibited ground. Indirect Discrimination: When policies or practices appear neutral but have an adverse effect on the basis of prohibited ground. Adverse Impact: when selection rate for a particular group is lower than that for the relevant comparison group 1977, Canadian Human Rights Act protects from discrimination based on prohibited grounds ALL INDIVIDUALS HAVE AN EQUAL CHANCE OF BEING HIRED, KEEP A JOB, GET PROMOTION, OR RECEIVE OTHER WORK BENEFITS REGARDLESS OF PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS INCLUDING: - Race / Colour - National / Ethnic Background - Religion - Sexual Orientation - Age - Marital Status - Sex - Family Status - Physical or Mental Disability - Pardoned Conviction 1982, Charter of Rights and Freedoms first constitutional recognition of right to equality - equality of men and women - aboriginal ppls rights - seek employment anywhere in Canada - use either official language 1986, Employment Equity Act eliminated employment barriers for - Women - Visible minorities - Arboriginal ppl - Persons with disabilities 1988, Official Languages Act 2004, Personal information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) Safeguard employee privacy by saying how companies can collect, use, and disclose information about individuals. www.notesolution.com Employment Standards Legislation: minimum standards employees receive Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) provides individuals under federal legislation the right to resolve complains of discrimination. most cited complaint: disability (wide range: drugs/alcohol/ physical/ mental/ learning related/ sensory, etc) Bona Fide Occupational Requirement (BFOR) necessary requirement for performing a job Duty to Accommodate: Employers duty to consider how an employees characteristics such as disability, religion, or sex can be accommodated and to take action so the employee can perform the job. extends to the point of undue hardship: the very survival of the business would be threatened or essentially changed: o financial cost o current collective agreement o lowered moral on other employees o flexibility of the work force/facilities o sufficient risk Sexual Harassment - Unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in the work environment. - Examples: o Question/discussion about a persons sexual life o Comments about sexual attractiveness o Continuing to ask for date after being refused o Sexually suggestive notes o Telling a woman she should not be performing a certain job - Quid Pro Quo Harassment: a person makes a benefit/punishment contingent on an employees submitting to/rejecting sexual advances. - Hostile Work environment: when unwelcome sexual conduct make it difficult for a person of a particular sex to work o dirty jokes, vulgar slang, nude pictures, personal ridicule o Courts use a Reasonable Person Test Workplace bullying is illegal in Quebec encompasses physical harm, rudeness, gossip, yelling, calling home w work demands, etc. www.notesolution.com CHAPTER 4: ANALYZING WORK & DESIGNING JOBS Work Flow design : analyzes the tasks necessary for production of product or service output of process : What is provided activities involved inputs raw inputs equipment Human Resources JOB ANALYSIS: process of getting detailed information about jobs by determining tasks, duties and responsibilities. Important for: o work redesign o workforce planning o selection o training o performance appraisal o job evaluation Work Oriented Job Analysis: focused on work results and listings of various tasks performed to achieve them Worker Oriented Job Analysis: focused on overall elements of the job and list visual, interpersonal, sensory, intellectual and physical requirements Gather information through: Interviews Direct observation (job shadow) disadvantage: may alter behaviour Structured questionnaires preset questions has to be easy to read / understand Position analysis Question (PAQ) focus on overall job behaviours advantages: valid, reliable, easy to use, cost effective disadvantages: worker oriented, difficult to read and understand Task inventory work oriented surveys that break down tasks into their component tasks Functional Job Analysis: what employee does& the outcome of that action difference between what is done, and what is accomplished Worker traits inventory Threshold traits analysis system www.notesolution.com Fleishman Job Analysis survey Job Element Method - Job Description: - Job title - Brief description of TDR (task duties and responsibilities) - List of essential duties & detailed specification of the tasks to involved in carrying out each duty Job Specification: qualities of a person performing the job (list of competencies) JOB DESIGN: process of defining the way work will be performed and the tasks that a given job requires Goals: High level of job satisfaction and performance done by industrial engineers Job satisfaction: degree to which an individual feels positively or negatively about various aspects of the job Common Aspects: Pay Tasks Supervision Co-workers Work setting Advancement opportunities Individual Performance Equation: Performance = Ability x Support x Effort Motivating Job Characteristics: - Skill Variety - Task Identity - Task Significance - Autonomy - Feedback MOTIVATION METHODS: Job enlargement: diversifying the tasks Job extension: combining several simple jobs to form a more varied range of tasks Job rotation: moving employees along several different types of jobs www.notesolution.com
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