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Chapter 10

Chapter 10-Motivating and Leading Employees

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Rotman Commerce
Michael Szlachta

Chapter 10: Motivating and Leading Employees Psychological Contracts in Organizations - psychological contract is similar to a legal contract. It is the set of expectations held by an employee concerning what heshe will contribue to an organization (the contributions) and what the organization will provide the employee in return (the inducements) - organizations want value from their employees and must give their employees the right inducements - good human relations = interactions between employers and employees and their attitudes towards one another - is a 8,9L80 and motivated work force. - if psychological contracts are created, maintained and managed effectively, the result is likely to be workers who are 8,9L80 and motivated The importance of job satisfaction and morale - job satisfaction is the pleasure and feeling of accomplishment that employees derive from doing their work. If people do their work, they are 8,9L80 Sa9L80 employees have high morael - the mental attitude of employees toward their work and workplace - morale is the degree to which they feel that their needs are being met by their jobs - morale is determined by job satisfaction, satisfaction with pay, -03098 co workers and promotion opportunities why businesses need 8,9L80 employees? - 8,9L80 workers are more likely to work hard to make useful contributions to the organization and they will be less likely to engage in negative behaviours - sa9L80 workers are more likely to stay with the organization - L88,9L80 workers (have low morale) are more likely to be absent for inadequate reasons - low morale may result in high turnover (the percentage of an 47J,3L],9L438 workforce that leaves and must be replaced) - turnover is good when you weed out the bad employees, get new talent etc. but L98 bad when there is a disruption in production, decreased productivity and high retraining costs. Motivation and the Work Place - employee motivation is critical to a 728 success - motivation is the set of forces that causes people to behave in certain ways. Classical %K047 $.L039L. management - classical theory of motivation - workers are motivated by money. Frederick Taylor said to pay workers more in order to get them to produce more. Meanwhile, rms needed to analyze jobs and nd better ways to produce goods and more cheaply, make higher 57498 and pay and motivate workers. www.notesolution.com
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