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Chapter 13

CHAPTER 13-Managing Information Systems and Communication Technology

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Rotman Commerce
Michael Szlachta

CHAPTER13: MANAGING INFORMATIONSYSTEMS AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY Information Management: An Overview - today, managers turn to technology as a a means of conducting everyday business. All business activities of a majorfirm are linked to information systems so the management of information systems is a core business activity that cannot be delegated to technical people - the information of a business is a private asset - information managers are managers who are responsible for the activities needed to generate, analyze and distribute information that a company needsto make good decisions - information management is an internal operation that arranges the firms information resources to support business performance and outcomes data vs information - data is raw facts and figures - information is interpreted data. A manager needsto gather data (the inputs) and sort it in a meaningful way so that they can produce information that is important to their firm Information systems - this is the response to the challengefacingmanagers of organizing data into information and managing that information as best as possible -information system (IS)is an organized method for transforming raw data into information and transmitting it for use in decision making - ISmanagers have to first decide what information is needed,gather the data, applythe technology to convert data into t=information. They must control the flow of information so that it goes onlyto people who need it New business technologies in the information age -employees at ever level in an organization use information systems to improve performance - wide range of functions The expanding scope of information systems - at first,formation systems were used onlyfor technology purposes - ie payroll, advertising etc - today, IS are used to solve technical problems and to analyze management problems,especially for control purposes like comparing costs to budgeted amounts and keeping records on employee turnover - ISis crucial for planning - databases help marketing analyze demographics, financial planning, funds transfers etc - interdependence between a companys business strategy and its IS.If you choose to be the low cost leader (that is your strategy), then your information system needsto be able to support that strategy. This means that everything must be integrated Electronic Business and Communications Technology - need instantaneous communication between managers. Solution is to use electronic information technology and advanced data communication networks www.notesolution.com
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