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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 notes

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University of Toronto St. George
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Michael Szlachta

Chapter 10 Forms of employee behavior Employee behavior the pattern of actions by the members of an organization that directly or indirectly influences the organizations effectiveness Performance behaviors the behaviors directly targeted at performing a job Organizational citizenship provide positive benefits to the organization but in more indirect ways An employee who works late and takes time to help newcomers is a good organizational citizen Counterproductive behaviors behaviors that detract from organizational performance Absenteeism occurs when an employee does not show up for work Turnover the percentage of an organizations workforce that leaves and must be replaced Individual difference among employees Individual differences physical, psychological, and emotional attributes that vary from one person to another Personality the relatively stable set of psychological attributes that distinguishes one person from another Agreeableness is a persons ability to get along with others Conscientiousness refers to the number of things a person tries to accomplish Emotionality refers to the degree to which people tend to be positive or negative in their outlook and behaviors toward others Extroversion refers to the a persons comfort level with relationships Openness reflects how open or rigid a person is in terms of his or her beliefs Emotional intelligence, or emotional quotient (EQ) the extent to which people possess social skills, are self-aware, can manage their emotions, can motivate themselves, and can express empathy for others Job satisfaction the degree of enjoyment that people derive from performing their jobs www.notesolution.com
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