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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Why do Workers Unionize? Labour union a group of individuals working together to achieve more job security, greater benefits, shared job-related goals, higher pay, shorter working hours, or better working conditions. Labour relations the overall process of dealing with employees who are represented by a union Collective bargaining the process by which union leaders and managers negotiate specific terms and conditions of employment for workers who are represented by unions The labour movement was born with the industrial revolution The development of Canadian labour unions The Canadian labour union was formed in 1873 Trades and labour congress in 1886 unite all labour organizations Canadian federation of labour was formed to promote Canadian unions over U.S. unions Trades and labour congress and Canadian congress of labour formed to create the Canadian labour congress Unionism today Union membership as a proportion of the non-agricultural workforce (union density) has stagnated, and less than one-third of Canadian workers belong to a union Women and ethnic minorities have much weaker traditions of union affiliation, they are less likely to join unions when they enter the workforce Companies are free to pursue certain strategies to minimize unionization Unions recognize that they dont have as much power as they once did, and that is in their own best interests to work with instead of against management Job security has become a big issue because so many companies are outsourcing some of their production to foreign countries www.notesolution.com
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