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RSM100Y1 Appendix E

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Rotman Commerce
Michael Khan

RSM100Y1 Textbook Notes Appendix EThe average college student has 46 credit cars and a balance f more than 3000 only 17 pay off their credit card balances in full each monthThe Credit CARD Act Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act singed in 2010 and includes reforms aimed at limiting both the access credit card companies have to students 1000 ft from campus and the amount of credit students are givenPersonal financial management the study of he economic factors and personal decisions that affect a persons financial wellbeingStandard of living the necessities comforts and luxuries a person wants to achieve or maintainPersonal finance affects our lifestylesthe way we live our daily livesThe slow growth of income makes it necessary for you to need to save and invest more money stick to a budget and make major purchases wiselyYou need to keep your career skills uptodate as well as build up sufficient financial resources to get you through any unexpected crisisChoosing the right accounts at banks as well as the right insurance plans can save you thousands of dollars each year and can improve your financial security many years from nowPersonal financial plan a guide to help a person reach his or her desired financial goalsCHART ON NEXT PAGE
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